Gerald Figueras | Model Name

Bodouir Agreement and Model Release


Let’s use this document to check all points of agreement previously discussed between us.

No need to expect an overly complicated contract swollen with legal terms that would only make everyone cringe.

But it’s also important to have things written down so that both the photographer and model have every little detailed covered.

We want this work relationship to not only be financially satisfying, but also fulfilling in artistic and creative levels. So let’s get the boring stuff dealt with first.

Let’s get to business!



Being a client or model for Gerald Figueras, Model Name gives permission for the photographed images to be used in print or digital form on the photographer's website, social media accounts, printed sample items for studio, printed publications, advertisements and promotions. The model does not give any sort of commercial release for her images to be monetized in any way other than promotional reasons.

While reasonable effort will be made to properly credit images appearing in print and digital format on other plaforms, it is understood that the model’s name should not be included/credited in any form of publication – as per model’s request. An alias may be used if she so desires.

The model understands that the photographer cannot be held responsible for the misuse or miscredit of the images by others once the images have been placed online in digital format. The model further waives any and all rights to review or approve the images prior to their print or digital release for the photographer's use.

At the same time, the photographer understand that the model have full authority to veto finalized photographs after the first delivery is done. No photograph will be pubished without this initial consent from the model.

The model understands that she is able to use the images of herself, taken by the photographer, for her own portfolio, personal print, and/or social media accounts, but only with proper credit given to the photographer (either by business name, Instagram handle, or website credit).

The model understands that it’s not possible to alter the images in any way other than to crop for social media purposes. Filters and re-edits are not permitted. The model understands that she will not be held liable for the misuse/miscredit of the photographer's work by others once the images have been placed online in digital format by the model, as long as she has done her part in properly crediting the photographer and any/all involved parties (wardrobe stylists, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, venue, jewelers, etc etc).

The model understands that, if she is a model represented by an agency or independent agent, she is solely responsible for making this information known to the photographer prior to shooting, and the photographer has agreed to the agency's terms prior to releasing any images. The model is of legal age (18 years or older).

Poses and Nudity Limit of Liability

The model understands that the photographer will photograph the model clothed, partially clothed, nude and/or partially nude. The model agrees and understands that it’s the model's responsibility to identify to the photographer her personal likes, dislikes of body characteristics, comfortable nudity or partial nudity level, poses and their comfort level verbally before the photography shoot starts.

The model understands that at any time the model can stop the shoot or change their comfort level. The model understands that it is the model’s responsibility to inform the photographer verbally when they do. In order for the photographer to retain control over the creative aspect of the session the model understands and agrees to allow the photographer the right to adjust clothing during the shoot or the lack thereof.

The model hereby releases the photographer and all associates representatives and assigns from any and all claims, actions, demands, suits, liabilities, damages, expenses, and obligations of any kind arising from accidental touching of model during a shoot. The model understands that poses can be physically strenuous on the body and injury from being in a pose or transitioning to or from a pose could cause bodily injury. The model agrees not to hold the photographer liable in any way or seek compensation for any injuries that may occur during a shoot, this includes but not limited to poses, instructions from the photographer, positioning or adjustment of clothing or props by photographer physically or verbal, use of furniture or facilities.




The model understands that in order to achieve the best images possible, both model and photographer must communicate responsibly. The photographer is not liable for any unusable images, due to the lack of cooperation from the model or any unforseen conflicts.


Thank You!

For taking the time to go through this and making sure all points are reviewed. Looking forward to creating the best photographic experience we can achieve together!



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